While visiting, you will need to be responsible for your own finances. There are limited ways that the missionaries can help you. Bring enough funds to cover all but the most unexpected emergencies. Listed below are a variety of options to manage your money while visiting Tanzania.Credit cards: Do not rely on using credit cards as they are still a very new thing in Tanzania. Credit cards are can be used in the major hotels in Dar es Salaam for rooms or meals but not in the majority of the interior of the country. ATM machines are now installed in the capital and there is even one in Kigoma but none of our guests have tried it. Traveler’s Checks: In order to cash a Traveler’s Check in Tanzania, you must have your “Advice of Purchase” slip that was given to you when you purchase the Traveler’s Checks. You will not usually get as good of exchange rate for Traveler’s checks as you get for $100 bills in cash. Traveler’s Checks are really a bit of a hassle, and you will more than likely spend the better part of a day trying to get them cashed.Cash: Cash is the most ideal form of handling your money while in Tanzania. It should be in the form of new, crisp $100 or $50 bills with a date of 2000 or later. You’ll get the very best exchange rate for clean new $100.00 bills. Soiled or torn bills are not accepted. The recommendation of our recent visitors is, “Bring more cash than you think you will need. Cash is easier to exchange than traveler’s checks.”Wiring Money: In a real emergency, funds could be wired into the missionary’s bank account in Tanzania but it usually takes from 5 to 7 days for it to arrive. If you find you have to use this, please contact Melinda Bendle at the Joy in the Harvest USA office ( usaoffice@joyintheharvest.com ) to get our Tanzania account numbers. She may also be able to help expedite the wiring of emergency funds.Funds Advance from JOY: In an emergency, it may be possible to get a funds advance from Joy in the Harvest. This would require that arrangements be made with friends or relatives back in the states to send a check to our USA office to cover the funds advanced.