For several years we have been using Mr. John Francis, a taxi driver,  in Dar es Salaam.  John has shown himself to be reliable and honest.  He drives a nine passenger, air conditioned van that is in sound mechanical condition (This is a real consideration when you see some of the taxis in Dar.).  He bases out of the Dar es Salaam airport and knows the city and surrounding area well.  He has a working knowledge of English -- but it is far from perfect. John has agreed to give Joy in the Harvest visitors the following rates.  These are special rates for our visitors and may not apply to others.  They are good through the end of 2007. Trip charge in the Dar es Salaam area. A trip is a one way journey from one location to another.  For example, from the airport to the FPCT guest house.  Another example would be from the guest house to a restaurant.  The return from the restaurant to the guest house would be another trip.  (NB. He does not charge for waiting time for clients eating at a restaurant.)  The charge is for the vehicle to travel the journey and it is the same whether there is one passenger or nine passengers.  The charge is US$15.00 Meet and Greet Service. John will attempt to meet you in the luggage area of the airport to help you obtain porters and to help clear customs.  John will wear a yellowish green "Joy in the Harvest" baseball hat.  If on any given day security precludes him being able to gain entrance to the luggage area, he will arrange for a porter to wear this hat and meet and assist you.  He will then be available to speak in Swahili with the customs officials if the need arises.  Cost of this service is US$30.  This is a per group charge.  Joy in the Harvest covers this fee as a welcome gift to our visitors.  (This charge does not, of course, cover customs charges that may be leived against the goods being brought in.  John will advocate for you, however.)  John will also make arrangements, when neccessary, for your luggage to be transferred to Precision Air for your trip to Kigoma. Half Day / Full Day City Tour. You can have John take you around to see Dar es Salaam.  This can include some museum stops, local culture such as the fish market, India Street, the business district, and the harbor area.  It can include shopping at the local art markets, street vendors, and speciality shops.  The charge for a 3 or 4 hour tour is US$50.  The charge for 5 to 8 hours is US$100. Mikumi Ground Transportation. John can provide the ground transportation from Dar to the Mikumi National Park and the next day return to Dar.  Check with us directly for his current price.  It usually runs between $400 and $500 for an overnight trip to Mikumi.  This price is for the ground transporation to Mikumi for for a group up to the capacity of his van and is not a per person price. We are happy to make the arrangements to have John Francis meet you at the airport.  John Francis can be contacted on his cell phone at the following: All International:   +255-741-306-667 From the USA:      011-255-741-306-667 Within Tanzania:   0741-306-667 Special Note:  If you are not a Joy in the Harvest visitor/guest and would like to use John's services, please contact him directly and make all arrangements directly with him.  We cannot coordinate any services for folks who are not our guests or visitors.