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Radio JOY is now being streamed on the internet. See above link. Most of the programming is in Swahili. But see back of white sheet for schedule of English broadcasts.

Worker for the Harvest

Pastor Lee West with his wife Missy and Karen Osborne and Susan Stripling made a visit to JOY. Lee is interested in refugee work so a visit to a refugee camp was planned. This was Karen’s first trip outside of the USA and Susan’s first trip to Africa. 

Back of the Yellow

Claudia’s new knee is fine. The other knee is now the problem.

JOY ended 2022 in the BLACK.

New Land Cruiser is on the job.

Celebrated Christmas with Kimberly and family.

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Safina, our 20 year old boat has been refurbished and relaunched for ministry along Lake Tanganyika. 


Two new babies have arrived. 


The boat Safina was originally a father-son fishing boat. We have also taken guests to Jane Goodall’s chimpanzee preserve. It has also been used for medical and evangelistic work along the shore for coastal villages. 

White Letter

Lowell has thoroughly enjoyed his life as a generalist missionary. His flexible schedule allows him to respond to the controlled chaos that life in Africa has brought. This includes thousands of refugees to care for and new and old projects to develop and manage.

However, one day he realized he couldn't do it all without help. That help has come through his dedicated and talented African staff.

He has learned the truth of 2 Corinthians 12:9 when Jesus said, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Strength is His grace and weakness demonstrates His power.

Back side of white letter

English language schedule on Radio JOY 90.5 FM. Listen at

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