Main Story

Highlights of 2022:

-Construction of a new radio station on a mountain top 2 ½ hours from Kigoma. Hundreds of thousands more people are potential listeners to Radio JOY.

-We are about halfway into converting our mailing list to email.

-We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.

-Claudia is recovering well from knee replacement surgery.

-The ministry of Joy in the Harvest is moving forward.

-We look forward to our daughter and her family celebrating Christmas with us in Kigoma.


Worker for the Harvest

Charles McWherter and his late wife Robbie were spiritual mentors of Claudia as a teenager. He has served on the boards of many Christian organizations, and we are honored to have him on the board of Joy in the Harvest. 

Back of the Yellow

A new Land Cruiser arrived by ship and was driven safely to Kigoma. 


List of over 20 ministries of JOY 



-We can receive gifts of stocks in addition to cash gifts. For 2022 tax purposes they need to be done by December 31.

-Our rebuilt boat, Safini is ready for use.

-We need to hear from everyone regarding your preferences for receiving our newsletter: paper or email.


Claudia is recuperating very well from her knee surgery. She no longer needs a walker or cane. 

White Letter

God calls us to a life of faith. Let me share two times God required faith from me. We only had $3,000 when we first arrived in Tanzania. A few weeks later, 10,000 starving refugees walked into Kigoma. God led us to use all our money to buy food for them.

One December the ministry was in serious debt. Yet again there were many needy people needing help. In faith we helped them with money we didn’t have. Very soon after that we received word from our home office that the mail box was overflowing with gifts like never before.

Just as God has rewarded our faith, He will reward yours. So, this Christmas put your faith in the baby, born in a manger who became the savior of the world. In Him you will find all you need.


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