Main Story

Kasulu is On-The-Air! A microwave link from the main Radio JOY station in Kigoma now gives this large city its first Christian radio station.


Worker for the Harvest

Pascal and John, two of our staff, assembled and erected the 163-foot tower when the company we had hired did not show up. 

Back of the Yellow

Two of our vehicles are broken down and our 16 year old Land Cruiser has had a rough life on very rough roads. The Lord is providing a new Toyota Land Cruiser. It is due to be delivered this fall. 


The contested plot 299A is being reconstructed after much of its soil washed out into Lake Tanganyika. A road company is selling us hundreds of truckloads of soil at a dirt-cheap price.  


The Wertzes are about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. 


How is the Switch over to E-mail going? We still need to hear from 61% of our mailing list. Please let us know your preference: paper or e-mail. This will really help us.


White Letter

Looking back over a long career in Africa Lowell shares some reflections on living “cross culturally.” They had taken some rugs on their first term of service. When they saw how poor the people were, they wondered if they should use them. An African pastor told them, “Don’t pretend to be poor. Africa has enough poor people We are not stupid. Be who you are. Use your rugs. Live among us. Love us.”

For the last two months Lowell has been commuting on a five-hour rough road trip to the top of a mountain where they were building a radio relay station and tower. He was physically wasted yet the African staff were very attentive to his needs. They were all serving the Lord together. Rugs don’t matter, love does. 


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