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Big Change-Switching to Email!

To streamline our communication link with you, we are switching our newsletter to an e-mailed version. We will make special arrangements if you need a paper copy.


Worker for the Harvest

For 10 years Anderson has made our overnight guests feel welcome and well cared for by cleaning their rooms. He also does the set ups and tear downs for the various groups who use the Community Center each week. 

Back of the Yellow

JOY Ends 2021 in the Black!

Thanks to your generous and committed donors, 2021 ended in the black, despite the December newsletter arriving about two months late.



Kasulu Radio Relay Project Underway

Due to new broadcast laws, we were granted permission to install a repeater on top of a mountain so we can blanket the town of Kasulu and surrounding villages with the Gospel. Work has begun and we hope to be “on the air” this May.



How were things when you got back?

For the past two years while in America we remained in close contact with the staff. Due to their commitment and training, the ministries are progressing well. One thing that needed attention was the metal roofing on the buildings which was rusting. They are being primed and painted.


White Letter

We are switching our newsletters from paper to an email list. This helps us circumvent failing postal systems, reduce expenses and allows for more current information. Please return the enclosed form in the self-addressed stamped envelope with your e-mail address. If you can’t do e-mail, let us know and we will sort it out.  

Download the letter

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