Main Story

A Faithful God: Due to the pandemic, we were stuck in America. Nevertheless, the African staff of JOY, rose to the challenge and kept the ministries going. Supporters in the US remained faithful too.

Worker for the Harvest

The 45 fulltime staff members continued the ministries of JOY despite difficult circumstances. They are all working to fulfill our motto: “ they may know Jesus…”.

Back of the Yellow

- It is advantageous for you to let us help you liquidate gifts of stock. Also, try using Amazon Smile with Joy in the Harvest listed as your charity.

- There is an extensive list of the many and varied ministries of Joy in the Harvest.

- This year saw two advanced study programs at Joy. These were at the degree and the diploma levels. They will graduate on December 18, 2020.




When are you returning to Africa? As soon as we can get the vaccine!

White Letter

Before the pandemic hit, God led me to prepare my furlough sermon with the theme, Christ’s joy in the midst of hard times. The joy that Christ brought that first Christmas is more real than the virus or life’s circumstances. He came to redeem us and so we can be his joy forever.

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