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This is another Special Edition Newsletter.

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White Letter

Spring 2020-The whole world is in "lock-down mode" so we are:

  • unable to come to visit you-our supporters and friends
  • unable to return to Africa!

What to do and where to go? Our camper has became our home so we upgraded and winterized it. We are camping for free on public land out west. However, we are in daily communication with our colleagues in Tanzania.

Please pray for:

  • upcoming elections in Tanzania on October 28th
  • visa issues
  • an effective vaccine
  • our return to Africa

See some pictures of work done on the camper-now our "Home Sweet Home". As we "boondock" on public lands we see some amazing beauty as well. Read about our first missionary camping experience in 1976 with our friend Ken Hoffmann in the book pictured here.

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