Radio JOY - Entertain, Inform & Inspire

In Tanzania, radio is the most influential form of media so Joy in the Harvest built a radio station to positively impact the lives of 2.5 million people. Radio JOY, a not-for-profit station on-the-air with full schedule broadcast since February 2016, is the only local radio station in the Kigoma area. The station provides stable jobs for 10 Tanzanians, with the goal of expanding to 50. The station is on air 24/7 with Christian and secular music, high-quality Christian programs, public service announcements, medical programing (a Tanzanian doctor runs public health education spots for villagers lacking medical clinics or any knowledge of health care — AIDS, infant health, dental health, etc. — which is literally saving lives every day), plus programs for children, education, news, weather, emergency alerts — everything! Radio JOY provides the gift of education, hearing the gospel in safety, providing life-saving medical advice and cultural entertainment to those who would otherwise not be exposed.