As a Christian mission, our greatest desire is that people may come to a saving knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ.  The motto of Joy in the Harvest is, “… so they may know Jesus…”  Everything we do has this goal at its core. Our motto is also our prayer.

Joy in the Harvest works across denominational lines to build the Church in Africa with evangelism and church planting projects including:

  • The Joy in the Harvest Community Center, with seating for over 500 people, is used as an education center for Christian leaders and the public. From theological training for over 100 Christian leaders using the “Romans Project” to seminars such as “The Foundations of Our Faith,” “Jesus in the Old Testament” and “Life in the Spirit,” we are a beacon for Biblical teaching in the Kigoma region.
  • Radio JOY, broadcasting high quality Christian programming in Swahili, such as “Through the Bible” series, “Focus on the Family,” and “In Touch Ministries.”  Also, broadcastig specially developed programs by our staff such, “Bible Questions and Answers,” “Night Prayers” and “Church Service of the Week.”
  • Sharing the Gospel with villagers in remote areas through a year-long “bush evangelism” effort showing the “Jesus Movie” in villages and seeing thousands make decisions for Christ.
  • Preaching in local churches.
  • Holding weekly support group meetings for area widows, averaging over 500 attendees each week.
  • Holding Saturday morning interdenominational youth meetings twice a month.
  • Assisting churches with their construction needs.