Compassion for All

Christian love requires that we work to meet the needs of suffering people: the sick, the poor, the hungry, the dying. Joy in the Harvest is responding by providing medicines, distributing used clothes to destitutes, feeding hundreds of street children, providing funds for emergency medical care for those in crisis and ministering to elderly and handicapped. Jesus had compassion. He healed the sick and fed the hungry. We follow His example:

Kigoma Destitute Camp

Joy in the Harvest is the primary supporter of the Kigoma Destitute Camp with its profoundly handicapped (i.e., blind, missing limbs, and leprosy victims) Tanzanians and their children as well as people living with HIV/AIDS. Joy in the Harvest dug latrines, piped in water, renovated buildings and provides electric lights in the camp.  Additionally, Joy in the Harvest provides medical care, food, clothing and spiritual ministry for the residents and education for their children.

Kigoma Feeding Center

Joy in the Harvest established and operates a feeding center to feed the hungry. Many who attend are street children and orphans whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS.  For over twelve years the hungry have been given a hot meal three times a week.  In recent years, the Feeding Center has served over 350 people every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, providing over 54,000 meals annually.  Through assistance from a Tanzanian doctor, medical care is provided at the feeding center. Wounds, infections and various diseases are treated. Additionally, vitamin supplementation and medication for parasites are provided.

Crisis Intervention

Joy in the Harvest runs a crisis intervention program known as the “Friday People Program.” This program helps those with limited or no resources to manage critical personal situations including medical emergencies. Joy in the Harvest pays for transportation, expenses and medical care at a hospital that can best treat the person. Sometimes this requires transportation to the capital city, Dar es Salaam, 650 miles away. Over the years, thousands have benefited from this program and many lives have been saved.

Refugee Support

Joy in the Harvest’s first major work in Tanzania was in April 1994 during the Rwanda genocide when Joy in the Harvest placed a team in Ngara, Tanzania within two days of the largest exodus of refugees in modern times. The work of assisting refugees continues today including monthly financial support to some refugee pastors in the camps.

Public Health Education

For the past ten years, Joy in the Harvest has taken an active role in HIV/AIDS education and prevention in the Kigoma area.  Our annual soccer tournament allows 36 teams to compete each year for the Dr. David Livingstone Memorial Trophy. To be qualified to participate, every team member and all the coaches must attend a government approved HIV/AIDS informational lecture. The gate proceeds from the final championship game are matched by Joy in the Harvest and made available to a worthy project to assist victims of AIDS. Just under 1,000 young men participate each year in this tournament.

Medical Support

Joy in the Harvest has held a series of “Free Mobile Medical Clinics” in Kigoma.  Bringing expert medical teams from the United States, we have treated over 5,000 seriously ill patients for free including all medications. The next clinic in Kigoma is schedule for the Fall of 2017.