Teach & Empower Future African Leaders

Apprenticeship training enables a person to feed their family while learning skills “on the job.” Joy in the Harvest offers training in theological education, computer technologies, construction and business management. Our premier educational offering is the Computer School operating since 1993.


The Computer School

The Computer School provides high-quality education at no cost to the students allowing them to find stable, high-paying jobs. Anyone can enroll in the school — there is no discrimination based on age, gender, religion, education level or status — empowering people to lift themselves and their entire families out of poverty. The school is free for all the students.  Each student has their own assigned computer station, and two hours of individualized instructor guided training every day. After class practice time is available on the computers.  They learn basic and intermediate computer skills, including operating systems and applications (i.e., Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel). The school provides Tanzanians with teaching jobs as well. This program has earned a respectable reputation throughout Tanzania and people come from all around the country to attend. Graduates number over 2,600 and many have found well-paying jobs as a direct result of completing the courses.